Sanitation & Recycling

The City of Bovey is contracted with Norland Environmental for residential solid waste collection.  Commercial customers may sign up with any licensed solid waste collector.  Norland Environmental also offers curbside residential recycling. Another option is you can haul your own solid waste/recycling to the landfill located approximately one mile up Scenic Hwy 7 off US Hwy 169. (Map)  Everyone within the city limits is required to either have garbage collection or haul your own garbage, no stockpiling is allowed. Solid waste must be hauled at least once per week and violation of this is punishable under city ordinance.

Trash collection is every Monday and recycling collection is every 2 weeks on Monday.

Click HERE for the residential fee rates. 

For questions specific to trash or recycling collection, please call Norland Environmental at (218) 492-1768